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Download the award-winning NetSpinner Content Management System (CMS) to your PC.
Test the system on the accompanying Web site, locally and online. 30 day free trial.
Option: Upgrade to Netspinner PRO for a more extensive solution.

Professional CMS: Form-based publishing, where data are rendered automatically into a pre-defined, modifiable Web design template. Advantages.

Comparison chart
FeaturesNetSpinner SENetSpinner PRO
Free download with 30-day trial periodYesNo*
Including multimedia on Web page (graphical link to file)YesYes
Video streamingNoYes
Extensive consultancy services (Website design, setup etc)NoYes**
Number of publications (Website main sections)220
Number of categories (sub-sections) pr. publication215
Max number of text paragraphs pr. item description822
License price$ 24$ 6,999
Yearly rent for 30Mb/100Mb Web hosting and SE/PRO license combined$ 49 (30Mb, recurring subscription)$ 3,199 (100 Mb, recurring subscription)

Number of Web pages (both versions): UNLIMITED.

30-day FREE trial period - NetSpinner Special Edition (SE)Download HERE*

*) start by downloading NetSpinner SE for a trial period, then order NetSpinner PRO upgrade.
**) Email us some ideas for your project, and request a quote.

The NetSpinnertm content management solution is protected by US patent no 7,039,860 B1, and similar patents in several European jurisdictions. "NetSpinner" and "Preminet" are internationally registered trademarks